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How many photos does the average photo transfer consist of?
This is a very individual process.
We can transfer from 50 to over 700 photos to a single videotape.
The answer depends on your budget and occasion for the transfer.

How much does this cost?
The cost is $1.25 per photo. One beginning title, digital transfer of the photos, addition of special transitions between photos, addition of customer supplied or background music we select, and one duplication of the finished product on videotape. DVD creation add $19.95

Additional Costs?
The only additional costs are if you want to do any full page or caption titles. You may also have longer sections of text scrolled up the page for $7.

Can you transfer slides?
Yes, slides or photos are the same price. If you are mixing slides and photos in a transfer a $15 intermix format set-up fee is charged.

What kind of music can I use?
You may supply your own music on CD. A good rule of thumb is approximately 25 photos per 3 to 4 minute song. Songs will be faded out if they are too long for the section. Realize that some songs are less than 3 minutes and the number of photos may need to be adjusted.

What if I don't have any music?
We will pick out background music from our royalty free music library. This is background music without words.

Do I get my photos and CDs back?

How do I get the photos ready?
Most people put the photos in a chronological order or in some type of groupings (ex. Birthdays, Christmas, Grandchildren, friends and family).
2. You may number the photos with sticky notes on the back or carefully writing numbers in pencil on the back. Avoid using pen or markers, these can bleed onto the previous photo. Paperclips also can harm photographs.
Place photos in a plastic zipper bag, envelope, or folder to separate them if needed and mark on the outside what song goes with this section of photos.
You may want to number the sequence of your folders from first to last.

Can you put more than one photo on the screen at a time?
Yes, the photos are actually captured separately and composited together, therefore multiple photos count for pricing separately. It is best to have the photos appear separately and they count as separate photos for pricing.

Can you do any size photo?
Photos as small as 1" x1" and photos as large as 8x10 work best. Larger or smaller photos are up to the discretion of the videographer.

Can you mix black and white and color photos?
Of course! Many family histories start out with black and white photos and go onto color photos as your story progresses through time.

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