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Pre-production planning

Knowing where to be and when to be there is the first step in achieving a great wedding video. This is done via phone, e-mail, and personal meetings. The contract lays the foundation of the times and dates of the day and what package that you choose. A personal production planning meeting is usually held between 1-6 weeks prior to the wedding. At that time, we ask that you bring a wedding invitation, any photos that you would like included in the video, wedding program, music selections that you may have and any payments that may be necessary before the wedding day. Please allow about 1 hour for your consultation. We will go over the wedding day schedule in detail and ask if there is anything special that you would like to point out to us. This is the time to let us know about something special in advance.


The day before your wedding event, all equipment is checked, cleaned, new tapes and batteries put together and backups all checked. This is no small task. We take pride in keeping everything in top running order, including backups - just in case.

Your Wedding Day


Depending on your package and your wishes, we may come to the hair salon or brides home to capture pre-wedding moments. The bride or groom may appear on-camera and tell of how you met or got engaged, tell us how you are feeling that day, or do a thank you to parents. This can also be added to any package ala carte.


We arrive at the ceremony location 1 to 2 hours in advance of the ceremony start time. This allows for set up and videotaping of church interior, exterior, flowers, decorations, people getting ready and photo session. We set up multiple wireless microphone to capture ceremony audio and do an audio check before hand. The grooms microphone is put on approximately 10 minutes prior to the ceremony. Main camera is started prior to the ceremony to capture audio for the wedding edit. This camera will remain in a stationary location for the entire ceremony. Secondary camera is a moveable camera. An aisle shot lets us get the wedding party and bride processing down the aisle. Then the second camera is put into position for ceremony. This placement varies with each church or venue. Secondary camera then moves to back for the recessional if possible. Beginning of receiving line is filmed. Church exit and getting into special vehicles is also done when available. Third camera option is available and can be added to your package.


We try to give you space to enjoy at this time. If you would like us to come with you as you take photos, visit a loved one, have a drink, or otherwise stop to have fun, just let us know. Otherwise, at this time we will go to reception and get set up for the reception and dance. We get shots of decorations, cake, flowers, people etc. We try to get shots of your guests during cocktail hour before your arrival.


We get shots of decorations, cake, flowers, people etc. Grand entrances and announcements are caught. Cake cutting, Honor attendants toasts are usually done before dinner. We ask to accompany you during dinner so that we do not miss any other toasts or surprises. Key guest interviews may be done after dinner of your wedding party, parents or guests. We like to take them aside and give them a moment to think of a special congratulations to say or words of wisdom instead of going table to table. Please let them know to come up to us if they would like to share an interview with the camera. Special dances are videotaped including Couple's first dance, Wedding Party Dance, Family Dances, Specialty dances. Bouquet toss, Garter Removal and toss can also be captured. Coverage varies with the hours chosen in your package.


A simple fade from a dance can be chosen, or we can do a creative closure if you so choose. You, the couple, can be interviewed and tell us about how you felt your day went and what was most memorable to you. Ask about the disappearing bride and groom. The kiss, or walking into the sunset ending. Your wedding is unique, let us help you to choose what is right for you.


Editing is what is done to make your video a wedding movie. We spend hours in the editing room to make your video unique and customized to you. This time consuming, creative process may take several months after the wedding day, depending on what time of year it is. We ask that you bring all photos, invitation, program or music that you would like included in your final edited videotape to us before your wedding. No wedding edit is started until all of the items to be included have been received. If honeymoon photos are to be added, please get them to us within 1 month after the wedding. Your wedding snapshot website or wedding trailer may be posted usually within one week if included in your package.

Final Delivery

Most of our clients are out of the area. We gladly ship Priority Mail or Federal Express your final wedding package out to you. Final payment must be made before any package can be shipped. Please provide us with up to date addresses and phone numbers on where to reach you. A master copy is kept on file here for future duplication needs. Extras copies make great gifts for wedding party and grandparents.

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